What is this? Where am I?

Actually, to be completely honest, this isn’t that weird to me, I have spent well over two years of my life having a blog and whilst lately I have let it lapse over the past few months, it used to be a very important part of my life.

Recently I have wanted to broaden my horizons, I’ve reached into vlogging and have wanted to move my blog to a bigger audience and easier to access place, so I moved it here.

I’m not sure if I want to keep it the way it was, randomly blabbering about my life, the problems, the highs etc, or if I want to do something specific with it…

For now I guess I shall ramble on for a while, let you get to know me before I come up with some ingenious idea that will be amazing and popular and make me famous, or end miserably, one of those two options.

I’ve attached my first vlog which was basically an introduction to me, check it out if you want and until next time, keep reading those pressed words.



About Rlh1994

I am random, hyperactive and yet deep and thoughtful. All of that and, according to the man in shiny things, irresistibly good looking!

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