A preview of VOBAWUCAMI

VOBAWUCAMI, a word that makes no sense in any language (as far as I know, then again I only know english…)

First it is important to note the fact that it IS an acronym and not an initialism, the difference being that an acronym is pronounceable.

Now you are probably beinging to wonder what the hell it is.

Well I decided that in September, when I go back to school, I’m going to try to change things in my life and one of the things in that is VOBAWUCAMI.

So here is some of the words, the rest are up to you.











And that is all you get, if you are curious about other things that I shall be changing here is a link to the post on another website where I decided it all. The work doesn’t really count anymore because I have decided I won’t be able to keep up that work level, but the rest is still true.  http://rlh1994.deviantart.com/journal/43010829/

And that’s all for now, keep your eyes peeled for what the future could hold.

So have a good morning, afternoon, evening night, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, goodbyeeeeeee


About Rlh1994

I am random, hyperactive and yet deep and thoughtful. All of that and, according to the man in shiny things, irresistibly good looking!

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