Best Summer Of My Life (So Far)

Today, September 1st  2011 marks the end of the meteorological end of summer, and for me, it has been the best summer of my life so far.

Every summer I finish it wishing I had done more, wondering where the time had gone and looking back over it and realising I had wasted my time doing pointless things, worrying over pointless things and so on.

This summer was different.

I worked it out the other day, I had 10 free days in England this summer. Out of the 37, only 10. And of those 10 I spent 3 with friends/family and probably 2 doing school work. The rest were spent doing a multitude of things.

I spent 2 weeks on holiday in a villa in Florida. This was by no means my best holiday, that title is held by the time where we toured America in a car and spent a few nights in different states, but it was one of the best. Whilst spending 2 weeks sitting by the pool, mostly eating in using the BBQ and shopping for lots of clothes may not seem to many a very important holiday, it was to me. This was the last holiday, for a long time at least, that I will spend with my parents. With me (hopefully) going to uni next year they won’t be able to afford to go on big holidays like that anymore, let alone with me. So those two weeks really meant a lot to me and I made the most of them.

I spent other time at my job, doing homework (not waiting until the last minute like sometimes), and some like I said with friends or family which was nice to do after not seeing them for a while.

But the reason this summer didn’t end with me feeling unfulfilled was that for 2 weeks I did volunteer work at the local children’s summer club. I spent two weeks working with some of the nicest and funniest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, I spent two weeks getting actual enjoyment out of a job, I spent two weeks doing something that made me want to get up every day, something that I wish I could keep doing. It was only a small club, a max of 30 children and only about 6 staff, so you really got to know everyone and it was less like a workplace, more like a family, and I feel like I am part of that family.

It hasn’t changed my idea on what I want to be in life, and it hasn’t made me think I can take things easy. But it has made me realise that you can always find happiness somewhere around you. It’s made me remember how good it feels to make other people smile and how work can actually be fun. If my school was closer to there I would easily do that everyday after school as a job, but sadly it isn’t.

This summer has easily been the best, most productive, most positive and most motivating summer of my life. But, just because summer is over, doesn’t mean I have to stop there.

I had decided before this work that when I got back to school in September I would start trying to further my goals, and that’s what I still plan to do. I’ve changed some of them to make them more realistic, I don’t want to work as many hours as I had planned but that is fine, I don’t think that I’ve ever be successful at music but that is fine, but the rest I still plan to do. And who knows, maybe one day I will be living in a big city somewhere else in the world.

But for now, I’ve got other goals to achieve, I’ve got other things to look forward to, but that can’t stop me looking back for a smile every now and then.


About Rlh1994

I am random, hyperactive and yet deep and thoughtful. All of that and, according to the man in shiny things, irresistibly good looking!

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