Ryan Loves Lois

So, Lois is here and pestering me to make a blog post and so I shall!

So NaNoWriMo was a fail, I got like a day in then gave up, I just don’t have the dedication or time to keep it up, life has been busy as of late.

I also had physics coursework the last two weeks, that was a terrible failure so much so that I am now having to do another experiment in my own time but by the looks of it this one might actually yield some results!

So because of this and work and the imminent UCAS application that strikes fear into my very core, I can’t help but have come a little stressed.

So this blog post is going to be a useful one for once and give you some advice on how to cope with stress!

  1. Do some physical activity- Go for a run or go to some form of martial arts you do or just something to get rid of excess energy. Fighting tends to be better as it also helps relieve anger but I hardly suggest you go and search around for pub crawls… if need be I even suggest violent video games, especially online ones, there is nothing more relieving than pwning te noobs. But do what you want, haters gunna hate.
  2. Meditate- I don’t mean like sit there and go uuummmmm, ummmmmm. I mean sit down without distractions and just think about the things causing you stress and how to reduce or get rid of them. Often I find that just doing this can help problems not seem so bad, and even get rid of some.
  3. If the problem is time/workload- Reduce your workload/increase your time. Look at things you are doing and any not important things stop doing, even if just for a while. But don’t stop the fun things, your time to wind down. This is why I didn’t do NaNoWriMo, I had way too much stuff on, and that was something I could easily give up to free up time and stress.
  4. Take a bath- You know, relaxing bubble bath, hot steamy room. Then do pushups and punch babies in faces, manly stuff to balance it out.
  5. Speak to someone- I don’t mean go out and hire a psychiatrist, but just share your problems with someone maybe they can see a solution you can’t, and often just the act of sharing will help your problems seem no where near as bad.

So those are the ways I tend to deal with stuff, I hope you enjoyed, and I should hopefully be recording tonight.


About Rlh1994

I am random, hyperactive and yet deep and thoughtful. All of that and, according to the man in shiny things, irresistibly good looking!

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