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Because Ella Doesn’t Shut Up

Okay so I was an idiot and asked Ella what to do a blog about so now I have a lot of topics so here we go!

Bruises: They are painful but often inflicted from walking into stuff or something, so you can’t hardly complain. Unless someone, I don’t know, bites you, that is bad.

Christmas: A time to spend with family and yes, to get and give gifts, but we often forget that while the gifts are important, it is the act of giving that matters. I spend this time with my family every year and really enjoy it.

Ella: A strange being, purpose of existence is currently unknown. Often changes colour, apparently through boredom. Lacks essential balance skills. Knows the rubber ducky song. Other information currently unknown.

My Hair: Rarely does what I want it to, when it does look great it is often on a day when either few people will see it, or will do nothing.

Cats: I have no particular problem with cats as a whole. Crazy cat ladies however….

Dogs: Man’s best friend.

Periods: Talking about them doesn’t bother me. I’ve hung around with girls enough to both have it not bother me, and avoid them when they are on them….

Trees: I like them, pretty useful for paper and wood.

Chinese Food: I love it, we have chinese tuesday whenever my dad is home, 4 dishes for £10, and buffets are nice too.

Italian Food: Pizza I like, don’t like pasta.

Halloween: Never really been a big deal in my family, I was never allowed trick or treating as a child so, yea.

ANY FOOD!: Um…I think Ella wants something…

And that is it (thank God)!

Lets follow up with some wisdomic words from the one, the only!

CHLOE!!! (woo)

Direct quote

“humans are weird really aren’t they? i mean, it’s weird how we’re all born looking proper different, like everyone’s really different, except for the odd identicle twins, i mean, you look at dogs, there are different breeds, but that’s the extent of it isn’t it? you get your labs and poodles in different colours and that but they generally look the same. humans though, we’re all seriously different, you get your asains, they’re all really different, your english people, proper different. it’s cool, but it’s weird isn’t it? you dont get a group of chimps with different hair types or freckles, it just dont happen, you look at that group of chimps and you generally can’t go, oh yeah.. that’s joey. cos you dont know, they look the same. where as if joey was a person, you’d recognise him straight away, y’know?”

First of all, animals do have some distinct differences, we just don’t notice them because we aren’t ‘programmed’ to. Every notice how you will quickly look at someone and mistake them for someone else, face shape or hair colour, eyes etc, can be the sameish. Mainly the differences are because we have a lot more possibility in our DNA than other species.

Moving on, a small idea of something to talk about today before I asked Ella…was about perseverance and wants randomly happening.

So really perseverance is something that is very important, to me and to everyone, without it we would do something and if we failed, we would never try again. You’ve heard something along the lines of ‘There are no mistakes only lessons’ well that is true, but not entirely, because there is one mistake, giving up.

And your wants randomly happening might be just seeing someone do something, and wanting to do it, then it just randomly happens, and that is just something that cheers me up whenever that happens, especially if it is something that would make me happy anyway.

Oh by the way, I won’t be posting my vlog on facebook anymore because I got 0 dislikes on one I didn’t post, but a few for one I did so…

And with that I think I shall leave you a thought that sometimes, when you aren’t looking for something and just relax, are when the best things happen.

So have a good morning, afternoon, evening, night, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, goodbyyeee


Blog O’clock: Like My Brain Bleeding Ink On The Page

Whatever your life dream is, however you want to live you life, there will always be someone doing it better than you.

If you want to be a writer, chances are you aren’t going to be the next J.K.Rowling.

If you want to be a multi-billionaire, chances are you aren’t going to be as famous and Bill Gates.

If you want to just be a good person, chances are there will be someone doing more good work than you, is nicer than you and so on.

BUT that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be happy with what you are. What you have. I’m not saying don’t have dreams, I’m not saying don’t have role models, and heroes, but what I am saying is that sometimes when you don’t reach your goal, when you don’t become as successful as you wanted, just take a look at what you got while trying to get there, take a look at anything you accomplished while trying.

There is a saying I’ve always enjoyed, it is something along the lines of ‘It is not the end point of a goal that is most important, but the journey to get there‘.

I just watched a video on youtube and there is this guy who is just another teenager going to highschool in America but he has already gone to…I think it was Kenya to do some volunteer work out there and one of his life goals is to travel the world helping those who aren’t as fortunate as most. Now I like to think myself a good person, I’d be happy to do volunteer work for a charity or such, but I don’t think I would be able to do what he has, it isn’t one of my dreams. But that doesn’t make me any less of a good person.

Something that I had forgotten about for this year is The Project For Awesome which is basically a YouTube based endeavour by the online community known as Nerdfighteria (created by The Vlogbrothers) that involves any Nerdfighters (no they don’t fight nerds, they are actually pro-nerd) who make videos, and even those who normally don’t, to make a video that promotes their favourite charity, and to get people to try and donate to it. Then by the power of the online community they basically hijack YouTube’s front page by like/comment/favourite spamming any videos for P4A.

Well, they did the first year or 2. Last year YouTube actually gave it it’s own little feature, but P4A videos were still pretty much covering the front page of YouTube, outside of that feature. Last year #P4A also became one of the top trends worldwide. And really that just shows the power of the internet now-a-days. So that is (hopefully) something I will doing this year. I don’t really have a charity as such, because both places I have in mind are actually not charities but businesses, so that doesn’t really count. I might do the ‘This Star Won’t Go Out‘ charity but yea…

Another thing I want to try and do this year is NaNoWriMo which stands for National Novel Writing Month, which is in November. And assuming I’m not overloaded from other stuff at this time, I’m gunna do it for once.

It is just normally when I write that I can get a few chapters into a novel and then my quality degrades, so before November I’m going to try and come up with a good storyline that I can stick to. The point of NaNoWriMo is not to come out with a complete novel, but to have a very early draft of a story. The idea that you can write a novel in a month, as long as you don’t edit.

I want to do these things because as you may or may not remember, I want to change my life for the better. I’m trying to seize any opportunities I get and take them.

So I’ve already got VoBAWUCAMI up and running, I’m planning to do NaNoWriMo and the Project for Awesome this year, I’m trying to get a few more hours at work to get a bit more money to buy some stuff with and I’m hopefully going to do more volunteer work where I did during the summer soon.

I originally did the volunteer work to have something extra on my personal statement to help for uni, but like I said it became way way way more than that. So because I have a double free last on a friday, and I can hopefully convince my finance teacher that I am capable of teaching myself the course and just attending one lesson a week would mean that I would have double free last on a monday as well, I can get home in time to do volunteer work for those evenings (It’s 3:30 until 6:30). I could also do breakfast club 3-4 times a week but seeing as that is only half an hour I don’t really feel it would be worth it.

However! They have said if they had a job they would offer it to me. So if in theory they needed someone every monday and friday for after school club, then I could do that, which would be 6 hours, and I’d probably take it and leave my current job.

Also I could then work the half terms as well, I’m going to do a few days volunteer there in the holidays if not anyway. But because this year I will finish school at the end of June, I’d have a few months free, as well as all of summer, so who knows I could get a job there then and just stockpile loads of money.

I’m thinking of doing a couple of other things in my life as well but I’m going to wait until the middle or end of October, just to let everything else settle down a bit and see how much more I can handle.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo!

Yes I am well aware that was a while ago but something you have to understand with my blogs as opposed to my vlogs is that I edit vlogs so they make sense, blogs I go through and just type, I don’t go back and put stuff in, I check it once for spelling and to make sure it at least makes some sense but it is more just like my brain bleeding ink on the page.

ANYWAY! I was going to say that I haven’t actually written any poetry, or prose for that matter, in a while. I think it is mainly because I haven’t had much inspiration for it, anyone who has read any of my poems knows I normally write with a strong emotional connection, but I haven’t really felt like that lately. So I might try and just pick some topics and write some poems on them, or just start throwing out some prose pieces in preparation for NaNoWriMo.

Something I’m doing this time compared to previous times is that I am setting myself lots and lots of goals and things to do. This is because I normally set myself a goal or two, and don’t do them. This way I have lots to do, so I might get some of them done.

I just checked and this is actually really long…so congratulations if you got this far! And on that note, I’m gunna stop.

I hope you have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, goodbyeeee

A preview of VOBAWUCAMI

VOBAWUCAMI, a word that makes no sense in any language (as far as I know, then again I only know english…)

First it is important to note the fact that it IS an acronym and not an initialism, the difference being that an acronym is pronounceable.

Now you are probably beinging to wonder what the hell it is.

Well I decided that in September, when I go back to school, I’m going to try to change things in my life and one of the things in that is VOBAWUCAMI.

So here is some of the words, the rest are up to you.











And that is all you get, if you are curious about other things that I shall be changing here is a link to the post on another website where I decided it all. The work doesn’t really count anymore because I have decided I won’t be able to keep up that work level, but the rest is still true.

And that’s all for now, keep your eyes peeled for what the future could hold.

So have a good morning, afternoon, evening night, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, goodbyeeeeeee